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Utilizing TCPN Contracts

Advantages of Utilizing a Contract with The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN):

  • Do you ever use Buy Boards or Cooperative Purchasing Networks for your Products and Services?
  • Do you know you have the option of using SSCI’s TCPN Contract?
    • It is free of charges to you.  No fees.  No dues. 
  • Why you might choose the TCPN option?
    • State & Federal Laws “Strongly Encourages” participation in Purchasing Networks & Buy Boards.
    • TCPN is mandated to follow all State Procurement Laws & Regulations.  Audited by State Controller’s Office twice/year.
    • Saves time & money (“Soft Costs”) in the Procurement Process.  Eliminated bidding process, associated expenses, and delays.  Shortens delivery time.
    • A TCPN Contracts means you communicate & deal directly with the Vendor.
    • TCPN handles all the paperwork and assures full compliance by the Vendor under the Contract.
    • TCPN eliminates duplication of efforts, particularly in Purchasing, Risk Mgmt, and Project Mgmt Depts. Helps entities operate efficiently & economically.
    • TCPN is ISO 9001/2000 Certified Procurement Process for Goods & Services. 
  • Why Choose SSCI?
    • Quality of Service – SSCI has been screened & registered by TCPN and the State(s) as a certified licensed Vendor. 
    • Level of Service – No low bids from unscrupulous “fly-by-night” vendors.  You know exactly what you will be receiving.
    • No change orders accepted without a modification to the existing Contract.
    • SSCI is a State Certified WMBE, HUB, and DBE.
    • You are awarded a Best-Value Contract based on quality, performance, satisfaction and pricing.
  • SSCI is a Registered & Certified TCPN Provider
    • SSCI has been registered and certified as a Quality Services Vendor/Provider continuously since 2002.  We have been in business for over 25 years.
    • TCPN Vendor Contract #: R5068.  We are Registered and Certified in 37 States across the Country.
    • SSCI prices are “leveraged”.  Pricing has been reduced for large quantity discounts.  You receive the same prices as the largest Buyers.  SSCI prices are guaranteed annually.
    • SSCI is a Licensed Engineering Firm in Texas and Louisiana. We are a Registered and Licensed Environmental Consulting, General Contracting, Construction, Fueling System, and Environmental Contracting firm. 
    • SSCI is a TCEQ Licensed Contractor for UST and Corrective Action Services.

30TH ANNIVER SEAL-2016SSCI – Why Use TCPN (printable version)


League City Historical Society Living History Dinner

In September 2015, SSCI team members attended the League City Historical Society Living History Dinner at the Walding Station in League City, Texas.  The League City Historical Society’s annual fundraiser offers the opportunity to spend an evening with a famous “figure in history”.  This year the nationally known Larry Marple from Ohio provided an informative and entertaining portrayal of the Colonel Theodore Roosevelt.  Mr. Marple played the role of Col. Roosevelt riding along with his Rough Riders as they headed to Cuba to fight for Cuban Independence.

20150912_220431 (1)SSCI’s President, Helen I. Hodges, serves on the Board of Directors for the League City Historical Society (LCHS) as well as most of SSCI’s employees serve as members of LCHS.  SSCI’s LCHS members attended the Living History Dinner and were greatly amazed by the event.  The venue was full of fascinating antiques from a huge antique fire truck to old time barber chairs.  A Silent Auction was held during the event auctioning off a wide selection of items provided by many contributors ranging from baked goods to paintings.  SSCI attendees were intrigued to learn about Col. Roosevelt’s life journey. During the audience interaction, Mr. Marple’s knowledge as Col. Roosevelt was dramatically put to the test.

Mrs. Theresa Abell with SSCI said, “The man definitely knew his stuff! Intense questioning from the audience livened up the details as well as his thoughts behind decisions he’d made as our President.  I was thrilled to realize that we share the same birthday, October 27th. Definitely an event I would recommend to all and a big ‘thank you’ to LCHS for providing us this unique experience of history! I’d give it a ***** (5 stars).”

Overall, SSCI gave the performance two thumbs up and anxiously awaits The League City Historical Society’s next event “Ghosts of the Past” Genealogy in a Cemetery.  The event will be held Saturday, October 31, 2015 come rain or shine to deliver fun and enlightening tales of the genealogy of the Pioneer Family of Gordy. Surnames include Gordy, Derrick, McFaddin, Rakestraw and Frost.  The tour includes West Bay Common School Children’s Museum, 210 N. Kansas Street, and continues with a short drive to Fairview Cemetery.

For more information and tour times for this event, please call the Museum at 281-554-2994 or chairperson, Deborah Gammon at 281-334-4950.


From left to right: Theresa Abell with SSCI, Jo Drake Keim with SSCI, Helen I. Hodges with SSCI, Larry Marple as Theodore Roosevelt, Dan Tibbals with SSCI, and Timm Mull with Hodges Ranches.

Throwback Thursday to SSCI’s July Barbecue

ranch and horses

The Hodges’ Ranch

Throwback Thursday to SSCI’s barbecue where the SSCI Houston office celebrated Mr. Dan Tibbals’ recent achievement of passing the Professional Geoscientist exam and begun the planning of SSCI’s 30th birthday celebration.  SSCI employees and their families were invited to enjoy the beautiful summer day at the Hodges’ Ranch in Santa Fe, Texas on July 12, 2015.

 “It was a great opportunity to meet each other’s spouses and children -those people we know so well from conversations with co-workers, but not in person,” said Ms. Jo Keim.

Children petting the horses at the SSCI barbecue.

Activities at the ranch included feeding and grooming horses, rounding up the cows, an overview of the ranch operations, horseback riding, feasting on various delicious food dishes, and swimming in the Hodges’ pool.  The afternoon highlight was brought by a demo of a remotely controlled quadcopter with a camera which performed fun aerial stunts while providing visual aerial views of distant ranch pastures.

At the end of the day, SSCI’s employees agreed that the gathering was a great way to get together and socialize, and that more 30th year anniversary planning sessions are in order!

Don’t let mold make a move on your building

Like the rest of us, mold loves Houston. The warm, humid climate makes our city as natural a home for molds as it is for the energy industry.

At normal levels, mold is harmless. There are lots of types of molds that grow outdoors as well as indoors like inside your home and office building. The problem comes when moisture problems inside those structures cause mold to grow beyond normal levels.

“Normal levels” is a subjective term – even the government has yet to place regulations on what constitutes as natural levels or unhealthy levels.

If mold levels grow beyond minimum levels, the indoor air may become laden with mold spores at concentrations that are hundreds to thousands of times greater than outside. Contact with those high levels of mold spores, especially particular types such as Stachybotrys, can cause infection, allergies or toxic responses. Those little fungi can even cause structural damage to buildings.

Indoor mold infestation

Indoor Mold Infestation on Walls

How to prevent mold from growing

But no worries, there’s good news! You can proactively prevent mold from appearing – never mind becoming a problem. Here’s how:

  • Take a look around. Routinely inspect your property for mold. Where there is moisture, there could be mold. Be sure to give a deep inspection to the following areas:
    • Restrooms
    • Kitchens
    • Garages
    • Window seals
    • Water fountains
    • Ice machines
    • Around plumbing or water heaters
Mold Growth Around Piping

Mold Growth Around Piping

  • If you find mold, kill it. Small, moldy areas can be cleaned with bleach and water. Larger areas may require professional mold remediation.
  • Reduce the moisture.
    • Keep humidity levels below 60%, preferably 30-50%, by using an air conditioner or dehumidifier.
    • Do not carpet “moisture prone” rooms such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens.
    • Fix leaks immediately in plumbing, roofs, windows and other similar areas.
    • Install ventilation fans in restrooms/bathrooms.
    • Vent dryers to the outside of the building.
    • Take care of any water damage within 48 hours. The quicker water-damaged materials are dried out, the less severe the property damage. Remember, even small spills can foster mold growth.
    • Keep your foundation as dry as possible by sloping drainage away from the foundation.
  • Have heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems routinely inspected and maintained. Change the filters monthly. Consider using a high-efficiency filter and have the system professionally inspected annually. Ensure the inspection includes the air ducts, vents, drip pan, condenser, etc.
  • Mold inhibitors. Use cleaning products and paints that contain mold inhibitors.
  • Clean. Dust furniture, vacuum floors and clean kitchens and bathrooms weekly.

If you utilize these tips, you can out maneuver mold!

Need help?

Large mold-removal jobs might require a contractor to take care of the problem. That’s where SSCI comes in. Or we can help you create and implement strategies to prevent mold from forming or growing. Just give us a call, 1-800-324-7724.