Monthly Archive: March 2016

TCEQ 2016 Update to the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP)

We just received the following update from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

We are pleased to announce the TCEQ updates to the Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP) Tier 1 Protective Concentration Levels (PCLs) are now available.

You can access these tables using the link:

We are releasing the 2016 PCL table update as a single Microsoft Excel workbook with each table on a separate worksheet.  We are also releasing the updates as a print only Adobe Acrobat portable document format (PDF) file.  The Excel file and the PDF file each contain PCL tables 1 through 10 and the supporting tables in the following order:

  • Summary of Updates
  • Table 1 – Tier 1 Residential Soil PCLs
  • Table 2 – Tier 1 Commercial/Industrial Soil PCLs
  • Table 3 – Tier 1 Groundwater PCLs, Residential and Commercial/Industrial
  • Table 4 – Tier 1 Residential Total Soil Combined PCLs
  • Table 5 – Tier 1 Commercial/Industrial Total Soil Combined PCLs
  • Table 6 – Tier 1 Individual Residential Soil PCLs
  • Table 7 – Tier 1 Individual Commercial/Industrial Soil PCLs
  • Table 8 – Tier 1 Individual Residential and Commercial/Industrial Groundwater PCLs
  • Table 9 – Individual Risk-Based Exposure Limits (RBELs), Residential
  • Table 10 – Individual Risk-Based Exposure Limits (RBELs), Commercial/Industrial
  • Toxicity Factors
  • Chemical/Physical Properties
  • Organic Carbon-Water Partition Coefficient (Koc) Values for Ionizing Organic COCs as a Function of pH
  • Gastrointestinal and Dermal Absorption Fractions (ABSGI and ABD.d Values)
  • 2011 List of Updates

The PCL tables updated in December 2015 were the most recent tables prior to this release.  A guide to the correct interpretation and use of the Tier 1 PCL tables can be accessed at the following link:


Texas Watershed Steward Program

All water bodies within a watershed in Texas are threatened by many types of non-point sources (NPS) of pollution which can detrimentally affect the state’s valuable water resources.  In order to recognize, control and prevent these sources of pollution, the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service and the Texas State Soil and Water Conservation Board (TSSWCB) have partnered up to initiate the Texas Watershed Steward (TWS) program.

The TWS program provides a science-based, watershed education to help citizens identify and take action to address local water quality impairments.  Watershed stewardship means caring for the water, air, and biodiversity in the entire watershed.  The TWS goals include:

  • Increasing citizen awareness and knowledge of water issues.
  • Protecting and improving local water resources.
  • Empowering  individuals to take leadership roles involving community water issues.
  • Increasing stakeholder involvement in the Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) and/or the Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) development processes by educating and organizing local citizens.

Anyone with a willingness to learn and a desire to improve and protect the community’s water resources can become a Texas Watershed Steward.  To learn more about this program and become Texas Watershed Stewards, visit the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension website at

SSCI Participates in ICM Superhero Fun Run

FB_IMG_1456784945358This past Saturday, February 27, 2016, SSCI members Vanessa Padron and Chrystal Fretwell participated in the 2016 Unleash Your Superhero 5K Fun Run in support of one of SSCI’s favorite charities, Interfaith Caring Ministries (ICM).  The event took place at Walter Hall Park in League City, Texas, at 7:50 am for the Kids’ 1K and 8:00 am for the Adults’ 5K.  ICM supporters (both human and canine) were dressed as their favorite Superheros as they ran past the finish line.  This event was a great way to bring the community together on a beautiful Saturday morning to support a great cause.

SSCI would like to thank ICM for hosting such a healthy, fun-filled community event and we look forward to participating in the next one!


For more information on ICM, check out their website at