Engineered Fuel Systems

Alief ISD Fuel System Design

SSCI removed the existing Underground Storage Tanks (USTs), and completed the associated environmental sampling and Release Determination Report. SSCI also permitted and installed one (1) Aboveground Storage Tank (AST). This project was completed in a time and cost-efficient manner that had minimal disruption to the activities at the Site, an active bus maintenance facility. Click here to read more!

Environmental Assessments

Old Humble Camp AST Farm

SSCI is provided a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) services to the City of League City following SSCI's initial Phase I assessment of the Site. During the Phase I ESA, our team provided an evaluation of the Site and surrounding properties to identify possible Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs). Based on our findings, SSCI also provided a Limited Phase II ESA to provide more information on the possible soil and groundwater contamination.  Read more here!


Environmental Compliance

HCC Detention Pond Inspections

SSCI routinely provides Storm Water Quality (SWQ) compliance inspections, maintenance, and permitting to twelve (12) campuses in the Houston Community College System. Our team mobilizes on a monthly basis to document Site conditions and provide accurate reporting and sound recommendations to the Client to keep them in compliance with the City of Houston's standards. Read more here!


Rice Temple Baptist Church Survey

SSCI performed an asbestos survey prior to the renovations of the church's kitchen area. Our team mobilized quickly and provided a thorough inspection of the suspected Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs). SSCI is a certified Asbestos Management Planner Agency, and is capable of directing ACM removal projects when asbestos is found. Read about our services here!

Industrial Hygiene

AGC Waste Management

SSCI provides waste management for Almeda Genoa Contractors (AGC) for their industrial yard in Houston, Texas. Our team routinely inspects the yard to identify and remove containers with unknown chemicals or containers that are no longer needed. In the event that containers contain unknown materials, our team mobilizes to sample, characterize the waste, and provide sound recommendations to our Client. Read about our service here!

Natural Resources

Sea Turtle Project

SSCI provided monitoring for Sea Turtles, Piping Plovers, and Brown Pelicans during outfall channel maintenance and outfall structure improvements on the Bolivar Peninsula in Galveston County, Texas following Hurricane Ike. Our team coordinated with the protected species monitors and the workers conducting the outfall maintenance to protect vulnerable wildlife and maintain compliance with Section 7 of the Threatened and Endangered Species Act. Read more here!