League City, Amateur Athletic Facilities

Project name and location:

Amateur Athletic Facilities Sites, VCP Nos. 310 and 311, City of League City, TX

Project description:

The City of League City selected two adjacent tracts of land near Link Road for construction of a new amateur athletic complex.  At the time of site selection, no environmental problems were known to have been associated with the property.  A Phase I ESA conducted by a previous contractor had not cited any need to conduct subsurface investigations or any further inquiry.  Problems with the site became apparent as ground was about to be broken for the commencement of construction.  At that time, piping and other appurtenances were found and evidence of contamination (stained soil) discovered.  The City was keen to ensure that any environmental concerns were properly addressed, because of the sensitive nature of the redevelopment (i.e., as a facility to be frequented by families with small children). The City Engineer immediately contacted SSCI and a meeting was held to identify a course of action.  SSCI’s recommendations were formalized in a contract, and an authorization to proceed was issued.

SSCI conducted a combined Phase I / Phase II ESA and found extensive evidence of historical oilfield activity.  Sample results revealed significant concentrations of hydrocarbon-contaminated soils. Near-surface hydrocarbon contamination was found to be associated with former oil-field related aboveground tank batteries and underground pipes.  These initial findings were used to develop a plan for remediation of the Site to meet Risk Reduction Standard No. 2 in accordance with 30 Texas Administrative Code (TAC) 335.555 under the Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP).  Following TNRCC (now TCEQ) review and approval, League City accepted SSCI’s proposal for closure.  Contaminated soil was excavated, removed, and taken to a TNRCC Subchapter K recycling facility.  Old pipelines associated with the prior oilfield development were also excavated and removed.  A NORM (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials) survey was performed to ensure that all underground pipes and surface soils were free of regulated quantities of NORM.  The League City Amateur Athletic Facilities Complex on Calder Drive were constructed as planned, and is now an important resource for families living in this fast-growing suburban area south of Houston.


City of League City

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