What We Provide

When it comes to Retention and Detention Ponds, we have you covered.

  • SSCI prepares permitting and develops construction plans.
  • We provide project management and compliance verification.
  • We provide maintenance such as storm water and health and safety oversight.
  • We restore, rework and dress the site as needed.
  • For established ponds, SSCI provides pond inspections, maintenance and reporting.

Maintenance and Inspection Items Include:

  • Structural and Integrity Protection Assessment
  • Maintenance and Assessment Logs on Pumps, Electrical Systems, and All Accessories
  • Bank Erosion: Management and Maintenance
  • Vegetation Management: Maintenance and Inspections
  • Trash and Debris: Maintenance and Inspections
  • Sediment Condition to Determine the need for Maintenance and Reconstruction

Report Items Include:

  • Inspection Notes
  • Completion of Appropriate Regulatory Body Reports
  • Professional Engineer Seal is Available if Required
  • A Site-Specific Detention Pond Maintenance Manual is Available if Desired and/or Required
  • Assistance with Detention Pond/ Retention Pond Repairs and Maintenance is Available if Desired