Detention Pond Inspections

Detention Ponds and Retention Ponds are inspected by experienced engineers to the specific requirements of your city, detention district, county, drainage districts and any other necessary regulatory bodies.  Stormwater Facility Inspection Reports for detention and retention ponds may include maintenance manuals to address location-specific operations and maintenance items if required by appropriate detention and stormwater drainage authorities.

Maintenance and Inspection Items Include:

  • Structural Integrity Protection Assessment
  • Maintenance and Assessment Logs on Pumps, Electrical Systems and All Accessories
  • Bank Erosion:  Management and Maintenance
  • Vegetation Management:  Maintenance and Inspections
  • Trash and Debris:   Maintenance and Inspections
  • Sediment Condition to Determine the Need for Maintenance and Reconstruction

Report Items Include:

  • Inspection Notes
  • Completion of Appropriate Regulatory Body Reports
  • Professional Engineer Seal is available if required
  • A Site-Specific Detention Pond Maintenance Manual is available if desired and/or required
  • Assistance with Detention Pond / Retention Pond Repairs and Maintenance is available if desired

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