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The greyhound Takota is a former race dog who needed space to run! Takota is shown here running laps in a three-acre detention pond in Webster maintained by SSCI.

Read more about Takota in SSCI’s blog: A doggone good deed,

Separation Systems Consultants Inc. (SSCI) would like to remind you that the time is fast approaching to have your annual Detention/Retention Pond Inspection renewed to comply with your City’s Stormwater Enforcement Policy.

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SSCI has worked with many Detention and Retention Pond owners in the City of Webster, the City of Clear Lake, and other municipalities on understanding and following the respective Stormwater Enforcement Policy. Our services include a pre-inspection, clean-up/problem consultation (if desired), a final inspection and a Professional Engineer’s seal, if applicable. This process allows you to become familiar with the components of detention pond “upkeep” that are required by the applicable city’s guidlines and policies.

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