Earthen Oil Storage Pit Closure

Project name and location:

Closure of Earthen Oil Storage Pit, 20-Acre Tract, Bay Area Boulevard and Texas Avenue, Webster, TX, Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC) Site # 03-1283

Project description:

SSCI was awarded a contract for completion of site assessment, preparation of a remediation work plan, wetlands delineation and permitting, and remediation project monitoring and oversight for an earthen oil storage pit in Webster, Texas.  The earthen oil storage pit, known as the North Pit, was constructed in the 1920’s and abandoned after a brief period of use.

SSCI evaluated soil and groundwater impact and then reported the results to the RRC.  Following negotiations with the RRC, SSCI prepared a Remediation Work Plan that was approved by the RRC.  ExxonMobil selected a remediation contractor, and SSCI provided monitoring and oversight of the project.  The site was granted closure by the RRC following completion of the remediation project.  Since the remediation area included potential areas of wetlands, SSCI completed an evaluation for the presence of jurisdictional wetlands, and a determination obtained from the Galveston District, Corps of Engineers (D-15040).  Completion of this project allowed plans for infrastructure construction, and commercial development of the property to proceed.


ExxonMobil Refining & Supply, Global Remediation Major Projects, 16825 Northchase Drive GP2-906, Houston, TX  77060

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