North Shepherd Parcels

Project name and location:

Development of 3201 – 3209 North Shepherd, Houston, TX

Project description:

SSCI was awarded a contract for completion of site assessment, removal of underground storage tanks and hydraulic lifts, asbestos survey and abatement specifications, asbestos abatement and oversight, building demolition, and regulatory closure of facilities on North Shepherd at West 34th Street in Houston, Texas.  The facilities on North Shepherd included an abandoned service station that was a TCEQ-listed Leaking Petroleum Storage Tank (LPST) facility, an abandoned dry cleaner facility and an abandoned office.

SSCI completed a Release Determination for the service station and dry cleaner facilities, and completed additional assessment and remediation activities required for TCEQ closure of the service station.  To expedite the regulatory closure, SSCI established direct contact with a TCEQ Project Manager and negotiated a fast track “No Further Action” letter.  SSCI completed asbestos surveys for the buildings, delineated asbestos containing materials in the buildings and prepared oversaw preparation of Abatement Specifications.  Acting as the General Contractor, SSCI selected an abatement contractor through competitive bid and provided on-site project management and air monitoring during the abatement project.  SSCI completed demolition and removal of all buildings, foundations and pavement after completion of the asbestos abatement project.  Completion of this project allowed execution of plans for construction of a new strip shopping center on this property.


DC Shepherd, LP

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