Pesticides Cleanup and Remediation

Project name and location:

Research Station pesticides remediations in Brownsville and Weslaco, TX.

Project description:

SSCI was contracted by the USDA to perform assessment and remediation of pesticide contaminated areas at the former USDA Cotton Insects Research Laboratory in Brownsville, TX and the former USDA Honey Bee Research Laboratory in Weslaco, TX.  The project also included decommissioning and demolition of research-related buildings and removal of hazardous waste associated with pesticides testing completed at both research facilities.  Pesticides identification was required to develop a remedial plan; for some pesticides, clean-up levels had not been established, requiring submittal of recommendations to State or Federal agencies for approval.

SSCI performed a pilot study which successfully showed that on-site thermal desorption was effective in removing the contamination.  Waste characterization using past application techniques associated with the Station’s pesticides field testing allowed use of the specially designed on-site, mobile desorption units.

More than 6,000 cubic yards of soil was thermally treated on-site, and 450 cubic yards of hazardous waste were excavated, transported and incinerated off site.  The site obtained closure and was converted to a public park area.



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