TCEQ Region III Contract

Project name and location:

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ – formerly TNRCC) Contracting Region III Site Activities Contract, Brownfield Site Assessments for Six Municipalities

Project description:

SSCI won a Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC – now TCEQ) Site Activities Contract.  SSCI successfully competed against six prominent national environmental firms for this important contract.  The scope of work included a comprehensive set of environmental engineering, consulting, professional field services, and construction services at state-lead petroleum storage tank (PST), Superfund and Brownfield (Voluntary Cleanup Program, or VCP) sites located throughout TNRCC Contracting Region III.  Contracting Region III included 54 contiguous Texas counties along the Gulf of Mexico from Beaumont/Port Arthur to Brownsville.  The following Brownfield, VCP (Voluntary Cleanup Program) and IOP (Innocent Owner/Operator Program) related projects are examples of investigations completed:

  • City of West Columbia, Texas, Brownfield Site Assessment, VCP No. G16, Blanchard Auto Sales Site
  • City of Alamo, Texas, Brownfield Site Assessment, VCP No. G22, Laguna Park Site
  • City of Mathis, Texas, Brownfield Site Assessment, VCP No. G33, Wal-Mart Property Site
  • City of Los Fresnos, Texas, Brownfield Site Assessment, VCP No. G39, Los Fresnos Business Incubator Site
  • Multiple VCP/IOP Sites, Determine GPS Coordinates for Closed Sites in TNRCC Region III
  • Baptist Hospitals of SE Texas, Beaumont, Texas, Brownfield Site Assessment, VCP No. G44, Doctor’s Building Site
  • City of Wharton, Texas, Brownfield Site Assessment, VCP No. G46, North Richmond Site

Work performed for the cities of West Columbia, Alamo, Mathis, Los Fresnos, Wharton, and Baptist Hospitals of SE Texas involved completion of Brownfield Site Assessments in accordance with TNRCC’s Draft Guidance and Scope of Work for Conducting Brownfield Site Assessments.  Each of these projects included site investigations that employed the use of direct push equipment to complete evaluations of shallow soil and groundwater beneath the sites.  The Multiple VCP/IOP projects cited above involved locating about 300 closed VCP/IOP sites in Contracting Region III and determining the latitude and longitude for each site using real-time differential GPS data collection instruments.

Brownfield Site Assessments (BSAs) included a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in accordance with ASTM specifications, as well as Lien Holder Identification Assessment, Location Incentive Assessment, Infrastructure Assessment, Interest Assessment, and Potential Job Scope Creation.  Site investigations were designed to meet assessment requirements under the Texas Risk Reduction Rules (TRRP).  SSCI was fortunate in establishing excellent working relationships with the TNRCC, and city managers and other local stakeholders.  These relationships allowed SSCI to bring projects to swift conclusions.  Certificates of Completion were issued for all completed sites within one year of completion.  The City of Alamo is reviewing options for removal of a substantial amount of tires waste and debris before closure of the Laguna Park Site project.


Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

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