Tesoro Marine Service Terminal

Project name and location:

Tesoro Marine Service Terminal, Pelican Island, Galveston, TX, Facility closure under Texas Risk Reduction Program (TRRP)

Project description:

SSCI was contracted by Tesoro Petroleum Companies, Inc. to complete environmental assessment and closure for their facility on Pelican Island.  The project included completion of a  site assessment, preparation of an Affected Property Assessment Report (APAR) and Remedial Action Plan (RAP), implementation of a Monitored Natural Attenuation RAP for the site, and preparation of an Institution Control (deed recordation) for the site.  SSCI continues to provide quarterly groundwater monitoring and reporting.  Completion of the work cleared the way for construction of a major drilling fluids formulation plant that provides materials to support offshore oil and gas production.


Tesoro Petroleum Companies, Inc.

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