UH Clear Lake

Project name and location:

University of Houston Clear Lake – Fleet AST Fueling System, 2700 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX

Project description:

SSCI was awarded a contract to install an Aboveground Fueling System for the University Vehicles and Equipment Department.  The Specifications and Plans provided by another firm called for the installation of items either not necessary or that were not applicable to the site needs.  Given the design issues, the University contracted SSCI to design and build a more appropriate fueling system.

SSCI designed and installed a 5,000 Gallon Vaulted Aboveground Storage Tank with separate compartments to store diesel and gasoline, fuel dispensers, fuel pumps, a fuel management system to monitor fuel usage, an automatic tank gauge to track and inventory fuel stored and all piping and components were installed above ground for ease of maintenance and leak detection.  To aid in fueling at night or during inclement weather, a canopy with lighting was also installed at that time that also shades the fuel tank from the Houston sun.  The project included all trades from concrete to electrical to mechanical to plumbing.  The project was completed on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of  University of Houston – Clear Lake personnel.


University of Houston – Clear Lake

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