Baytown Wetland Delineation - SSCI Environmental

As an Environmental Scientist at Separation Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSCI), Allyson Graziano performed a wetland delineation.  For two weeks, Allyson walked approximately 400 acres of land in Baytown, Texas near Cedar Bayou to locate and map out the wetlands in the area.  She saw many snakes, spiders, skinks, deer, frogs, cattle, horses and a large variety of plant species during their field work.  Together, they located eight wetlands, five tributary streams, two gullies and one bayou.  This was a large wetland delineation and one of the toughest Sites performed by SSCI.  The vegetation was thick, the streams were wide and deep, and the wildlife was abundant.
Allyson graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a concentration in Resource Biology and Biodiversity.  She is in training to become a Wetland Project Manager at SSCI.  While performing the field work, she learned more about what a complex wetland delineation entailed and broadened her knowledge of options a Client has if a wetland is found in terms of permitting and mitigation.  SSCI regularly works with Clients to help with their natural resource needs and to resolve complex environmental, remediation and engineering issues.