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The federal government requires all companies that have hazards in the workplace – and who doesn’t? – have a proper Health & Safety Plan (HASP). Every company that has more than 10 employees is required to have at minimum a written Emergency Action Plan and Fire Prevention Plan. For more hazardous activities, OSHA requires companies to have their own individual hazard plan. For example, if employees are working more than six feet above the ground for any reason or any duration, your company must have Fall Protection.

HASPs set a standard for employees to follow and work by and allow for discipline and enforcement if employees aren’t adhering to the practices. More than that, a HASP shows your employees that you’re committed to their safety.

It’s essential to keep your HASP updated to address today’s hazards. After all, you don’t want to be cited by OSHA because that plan you worked so hard on is out of date.

But creating a plan that meets OSHA standards can be complex. That’s where SSCI can come in.

We’ve written HASPs for government entities, small firms and companies with 500 employees. SSCI employees don’t just sit in the office and write about safety theories; we work onsite with construction companies. Because of that, we’re uniquely qualified to create and implement HASPs.

SSCI has also provided consulting services for companies with OSHA violations and aided in the abatement of those violations. That’s experience that can really help you out of a tough situation – or help you avoid one altogether.

SSCI offers several levels of HASP services:

  • We can do a safety audit of your workplace, which includes a review of your HASP and recommendations on how to strengthen it.
  • Since most plans require at least an annual update, we can review and update your plan.
  • We can create a brand new, from-scratch plan unique to your company. This starts with a meeting to determine which written plans are mandatory.
  • We can train your employees in the new plan. Or we can help you do it in-house, saving you the expense of a full day of training.
  • After writing your plan, we can do a six-month (or sooner) quality-assurance/quality-control check-up to ensure implementation is going smoothly.

If you need a HASP, or your HASP needs updated, we can give you a FREE consultation.