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SSCI Gives Back to the Community

Lola’s Lucky Day Van

Lola’s Lucky Day is a certified 501(c)3 nonprofit, all-breed dog rescue that saves homeless pets all around the Houston area.  Lola’s Lucky Day originated when the founder, Larissa Gavin, moved from Wisconsin to Houston and realized the issue of animal over-population that Houston faces.  In Wisconsin, shelters have empty kennels, something Texas can only dream of right now.  Texas shelters struggle with the number of strays and owner surrendered pets to the extent that many shelters must euthanize adoptable pets solely due to lack of shelter space or staff to care for them.

SSCI Employee Caitlin Tovar Dropping Off Charley at Transport

Lola’s Lucky Day tags animals from shelters as well as picks up strays found roaming the streets.  After attempting to find owners, the rescue makes sure the pets are healthy and vaccinated prior to transporting them out of state.  State law requires dogs to be quarantined (kept in a foster home) for two weeks before they are eligible for transport.  After the quarantine period, in which the animals receive their vetting, each animal receives a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian, ensuring all animals are healthy.

SSCI Employees Allyson Graziano and Caitlin Tovar


Volunteer groups from Texas drive a van full of our homeless pets to Arkansas almost every weekend to meet up with volunteer groups from Wisconsin.  The Wisconsin team personally delivers the dogs to multiple animal rescues in Wisconsin where the animals are then posted for adoption.  This year, SSCI dog lovers Allyson Graziano and Caitlin Tovar volunteered to drive a van full of pups to Arkansas.


As previously mentioned, lifesaving foster homes are always needed.  Most dogs receive transport dates soon after they are accepted into the program, which means you know exactly how long that dog will be staying with you.  You get the joy of having a pet for a short period of time, knowing you are what allowed them to leave the shelter or the street alive and well, without the commitment of providing for them for the rest of their lives.  Vetting and supplies are even provided by Lola’s Lucky Day!  Caitlin Tovar fostered Charley, a purebred dog that was surrendered at a year old due to her owners not being able to handle her high energy.  Charley was adopted the same weekend she arrived in Wisconsin!  Caitlin also coordinated Poppy, a beautiful mixed breed dog that was found in the middle of nowhere, on a county road.  Poppy found her furever family after spending some time with loving Wisconsin fosters.

To help Lola’s Lucky Day save more animals, you can donate to their cause by using the link listed below.  Since they are a certified nonprofit organization, donations are tax deductible.  Other ways to help include offering to foster or volunteering to pick up or drop off animals at vet appointments, foster homes, shelters, or transport.  Although Lola’s Lucky Day does not adopt dogs in Texas, they highly encourage visiting your local shelter if you are interested in adopting.  There are so many animals waiting for their turn to leave the shelter into a loving home.

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