SSCI Supports ABNC Owl Prowl - SSCI Environmental

One of SSCI’s favorite charities, Armand Bayou Nature Center, is currently taking reservations for their January Owl Prowl! Sign up now before all the spots are filled.  January 23rd, 5:15pm. Ages 6+. Call 281-474-2551×10.

ABNC was founded based on the conviction that an educated, involved community is vital to the preservation of our natural environment.  ABNC has two missions:  provide environmental education to the public and act as the steward of the 2,500 undeveloped acres under its care.  ABNC receives no regular government funding and relies on foundation support, contributions from business and industry, dues, special project funding and the goodwill of the public for financing.  We hope you will visit Armand Bayou Nature Center to learn more.