Utilizing TCPN Contracts - SSCI Environmental

Advantages of Utilizing a Contract with The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN):

  • Do you ever use Buy Boards or Cooperative Purchasing Networks for your Products and Services?
  • Do you know you have the option of using SSCI’s TCPN Contract?
    • It is free of charges to you.  No fees.  No dues. 
  • Why you might choose the TCPN option?
    • State & Federal Laws “Strongly Encourages” participation in Purchasing Networks & Buy Boards.
    • TCPN is mandated to follow all State Procurement Laws & Regulations.  Audited by State Controller’s Office twice/year.
    • Saves time & money (“Soft Costs”) in the Procurement Process.  Eliminated bidding process, associated expenses, and delays.  Shortens delivery time.
    • A TCPN Contracts means you communicate & deal directly with the Vendor.
    • TCPN handles all the paperwork and assures full compliance by the Vendor under the Contract.
    • TCPN eliminates duplication of efforts, particularly in Purchasing, Risk Mgmt, and Project Mgmt Depts. Helps entities operate efficiently & economically.
    • TCPN is ISO 9001/2000 Certified Procurement Process for Goods & Services. 
  • Why Choose SSCI?
    • Quality of Service – SSCI has been screened & registered by TCPN and the State(s) as a certified licensed Vendor. 
    • Level of Service – No low bids from unscrupulous “fly-by-night” vendors.  You know exactly what you will be receiving.
    • No change orders accepted without a modification to the existing Contract.
    • SSCI is a State Certified WMBE, HUB, and DBE.
    • You are awarded a Best-Value Contract based on quality, performance, satisfaction and pricing.
  • SSCI is a Registered & Certified TCPN Provider
    • SSCI has been registered and certified as a Quality Services Vendor/Provider continuously since 2002.  We have been in business for over 25 years.
    • TCPN Vendor Contract #: R5068.  We are Registered and Certified in 37 States across the Country.
    • SSCI prices are “leveraged”.  Pricing has been reduced for large quantity discounts.  You receive the same prices as the largest Buyers.  SSCI prices are guaranteed annually.
    • SSCI is a Licensed Engineering Firm in Texas and Louisiana. We are a Registered and Licensed Environmental Consulting, General Contracting, Construction, Fueling System, and Environmental Contracting firm. 
    • SSCI is a TCEQ Licensed Contractor for UST and Corrective Action Services.

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