Throw Back Thursday to SSCI's With Pollution Experts, Look Before You Leap - SSCI Environmental

With pollution experts, look before you leap.  Experience counts; bargains can prove costly.

Here are some common fallacies:

  • A limited asbestos survey is sufficient to determine the presence of asbestos.
  • Environmental regulations are the same in every state.
  • A consultant who has identified an environmental problem with a Phase I assessment can then just clean it up; there is no need to pay for a Phase II assessment.
  • Historical use of the property is not a source of concern.
  • If the environmental consultant makes no recommendations for further study or cleanup, there are no problems.

This article appeared in the AMERICAN BANKER IN 1995 but still rings true today.

To learn more:  SSCI – AB With Pollution Experts Look Before You Leap Circa 1995 (printable version)