Williamson County Fuel System Replacement - SSCI Environmental

Activities and Results

Separation Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSCI) performed as the fueling consultant for the design of the installation, removal and rehabilitation of the Williamson County (WILCO) Facility Maintenance Department in Georgetown, Texas. SSCI’s services include the design of a new state of the art fueling system to provide gasoline, diesel, and propane fueling services to countywide service vehicles for maintenance, emergency response, and public safety.

SSCI conducted multiple site inspections and meetings with stakeholders to assess the fueling demands and logistical requirements for the new fueling system. With local expertise, SSCI developed the design of the new fueling system for high speed diesel and gasoline distribution and the relocation of the propane system to facilitate ease of access for maintenance, emergency response, and public safety vehicles. The design was completed in accordance with applicable Federal, State, and local regulations. SSCI’s design included the removal of an existing underground storage tank (UST) fueling system to allow for an upgrade of the entire system. The removal design includes oversight requirements for sampling and assessment of soil and groundwater conditions at the project area. During the project, SSCI coordinate with the architectural firms, structural, electrical, and building system design teams to provide good quality, time-efficient design services. SSCI provided guidance regarding regulatory requirements for the fueling system as well as the hydrogeological conditions for the project area which took into account the special requirements for protection of the Edward’s Aquifer recharge zone.