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SSCI in Support of Armand Bayou EcoCamp

Educating the public on the importance of conservation efforts is key, and what better place to start than with our community youth. As a parent, I learned that teaching kids starts at home, and environmental awareness is very important as Earth’s population continues to grow and spread. I chose to enlighten my two children at Armand Bayou Nature Center’s Summer EcoCamp. They loved it so much last year that they wanted to participate again this year.  Armand Bayou Nature center provides for children ages 4-13 programs that encourage observation, problem-solving and creativeness in the natural setting of the wetlands. ABNC EcoCamp gets kids outdoors to demonstrate how wetlands affect humans and animals by featuring hands-on activities like seining at the bayou, pond dipping, and scat identification, which is very entertaining to school-age groups. My kids enjoyed the seining most of all because they caught a snail and made it their group mascot for the day.

Wetlands along coastlands, like here in the Galveston area, are one of the most productive ecosystems on Earth because it provides a wide variety of food, nutrients, and shelter to a wide variety of indigenous plants and animals, as well as migratory birds, but public knowledge needs to be increased. Wetlands function as a giant water filter, extracting harmful pollutants from the water that flows through them.  When it rains, wetlands help prevent flooding of rivers by holding onto excess water like a sponge; during a drought, wetlands provide water to surrounding areas to keep the trees and animals alive. Wetlands are also “Biological Supermarkets” because they support so much animal and plant life that are unique to this ecosystem. Humans are impacted by wetland functions in many ways; for example, they recharge underwater aquifers, a large source of the potable water we use and drink daily.

Environmental programs, such as those at ANBC, provide a fun and educational foundation to act locally, and think globally. If you are interested in sending your child to EcoCamp or would like more information,

please visit their website:http://www.abnc.org/education/summer-ecocamp.html

Wetlands Permitting, Continuing Education

Project Manager, Chrystal Fretwell, recently attended a Wetland Permitting Workshop based on the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Regulation and the Clean Water Act (CWA) Enforcement requirements.  The workshop included documentation of wetland delineations, review of hydric soils, and performance of a Hydrology and Hydric Soils Field Practicum at Jesse Jones Park and Nature Center in Humble, Texas.

 Gathering soil data using the Munsell Soil Color Book. Wild strawberries growing at the Jesse Jones Park & Nature Center.
 Iron deposit fissures in the soil indicate hydric soils. Soil testing location.

Mr. Jim Herrington, PWS was the course instructor.  Mr. Herrington, PWS has over 30 years of professional Natural Resources experience, and worked for the Environmental Professional Agency (EPA) for 14 years of his career.  Ms. Fretwell, “Found this workshop highly informative, with Mr. Herrington, PWS having a profound amount of knowledge regarding wetland classification and permitting”.  Ms. Fretwell further stated, “I can’t wait to continue my wetland education, by attending a second Wetland Permitting Workshop in November of 2017”!

SSCI provides Wetland and Ecological Services, and we can’t wait to utilize Ms. Fretwell’s newly found knowledge on projects!

Throw Back Thursday to SSCI’s With Pollution Experts, Look Before You Leap

With pollution experts, look before you leap.  Experience counts; bargains can prove costly.

Here are some common fallacies:

  • A limited asbestos survey is sufficient to determine the presence of asbestos.
  • Environmental regulations are the same in every state.
  • A consultant who has identified an environmental problem with a Phase I assessment can then just clean it up; there is no need to pay for a Phase II assessment.
  • Historical use of the property is not a source of concern.
  • If the environmental consultant makes no recommendations for further study or cleanup, there are no problems.

This article appeared in the AMERICAN BANKER IN 1995 but still rings true today.

To learn more:  SSCI – AB With Pollution Experts Look Before You Leap Circa 1995 (printable version)



Utilizing TCPN Contracts

Advantages of Utilizing a Contract with The Cooperative Purchasing Network (TCPN):

  • Do you ever use Buy Boards or Cooperative Purchasing Networks for your Products and Services?
  • Do you know you have the option of using SSCI’s TCPN Contract?
    • It is free of charges to you.  No fees.  No dues. 
  • Why you might choose the TCPN option?
    • State & Federal Laws “Strongly Encourages” participation in Purchasing Networks & Buy Boards.
    • TCPN is mandated to follow all State Procurement Laws & Regulations.  Audited by State Controller’s Office twice/year.
    • Saves time & money (“Soft Costs”) in the Procurement Process.  Eliminated bidding process, associated expenses, and delays.  Shortens delivery time.
    • A TCPN Contracts means you communicate & deal directly with the Vendor.
    • TCPN handles all the paperwork and assures full compliance by the Vendor under the Contract.
    • TCPN eliminates duplication of efforts, particularly in Purchasing, Risk Mgmt, and Project Mgmt Depts. Helps entities operate efficiently & economically.
    • TCPN is ISO 9001/2000 Certified Procurement Process for Goods & Services. 
  • Why Choose SSCI?
    • Quality of Service – SSCI has been screened & registered by TCPN and the State(s) as a certified licensed Vendor. 
    • Level of Service – No low bids from unscrupulous “fly-by-night” vendors.  You know exactly what you will be receiving.
    • No change orders accepted without a modification to the existing Contract.
    • SSCI is a State Certified WMBE, HUB, and DBE.
    • You are awarded a Best-Value Contract based on quality, performance, satisfaction and pricing.
  • SSCI is a Registered & Certified TCPN Provider
    • SSCI has been registered and certified as a Quality Services Vendor/Provider continuously since 2002.  We have been in business for over 25 years.
    • TCPN Vendor Contract #: R5068.  We are Registered and Certified in 37 States across the Country.
    • SSCI prices are “leveraged”.  Pricing has been reduced for large quantity discounts.  You receive the same prices as the largest Buyers.  SSCI prices are guaranteed annually.
    • SSCI is a Licensed Engineering Firm in Texas and Louisiana. We are a Registered and Licensed Environmental Consulting, General Contracting, Construction, Fueling System, and Environmental Contracting firm. 
    • SSCI is a TCEQ Licensed Contractor for UST and Corrective Action Services.

30TH ANNIVER SEAL-2016SSCI – Why Use TCPN (printable version)